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Kirra Legal was set up for the exclusive purpose of resolving family law and related issues, and we maintain family law is the appropriate subject for specially trained lawyers: 

  • each and every family law matter is unique; and
  • speciially qualified lawyers, who practice exclusively in family law are fully informed on the contemporaneous dynamics in family law ; and
  • a straight forward common sense approach will minimise conflict, secure the best outcome for you and your family and minimise your legal fees; and
  • you are guranteed the highest levels of service.  

The people behind Kirra Legal’s specialist family and relationship law practice group are passionate, die-hard lovers of perfection with a genuine interest in the people the law serves. The firm’s strong team is experienced in every aspect of family law; catering for the most complex of clients’ needs –whether you live in Sydney on the Gold Coast or across Australia.

The spectrum of family law has necessarily become increasingly broad in response to changing social dynamics, and our skilled family lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in ‘negotiation’ and ‘alternate dispute resolution’ to assist you to resolve the most complex family law and relationship issues with dignity at the earliest juncture.   Our lawyers avoid court wherever possible but, once Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution avenues have been exhausted, they have the knowledge and expertise to confidently guide clients through this arena.




Our lawyers respectfully listen to clients; all meetings with your lawyer are covered by a duty of confidence and you can be assured that all discussions with our lawyers are confidential and will always remain so. Kirra Legal’s family and relationship lawyers further understand there is a spectrum of non-legal considerations to be addressed by clients in family law and relationship matters. Although Kirra Legal Lawyers manage the legal conflict very well; emotional conflicts need the skill and expertise of a psychologist or relationships counsellor. If you are feeling stressed about your situation, and have not already seen a psychologist or relationships counsellor, you would certainly benefit from seeking their advice. Kirra Legal can assist you through a referral to an appropriate professional in this area.

First appointment

We offer an initial 1 hour consultation with a specially qualified family lawyer free of cost. To enable us to provide value to you upon your initial attendance, we ask you to provide the following relevant information:

  • notes about your situation to help you provide a clear picture of your situation;
  • your list of questions, so you can be sure that all important issues are covered;
  • correspondence, if any, you have received from the other side;
  • any documents that have been served on you if court proceedings have started;

We allocate one hour for your initial consultation to hear about your matter, and to provide preliminary advice as to those issues, and assemble your family law matter into some options as to its future treatment and management. If you need more time, we can arrange for a longer initial consultation and invoice you for the additional time at the reduced rate of $200 (plus GST) per hour.

For the preparation of a Will, or conveyancing matter, we can provide you with a fixed price via email, text or over the phone. 




Other Services

Unlike many other specialist boutique law firms Kirra Legal also has the in-house expertise to deliver positive outcomes in ‘Wills and Estate’ and ‘Property and Conveyancing’ matters.